Research Tools

Since its foundation, Fujifilm has amassed a wide variety of technologies to provide innovative products and services. As a company that understands the importance of research as a prerequisite for innovation, Fujifilm offers a broad selection of laboratory reagents, tools and services to support research and development in different branches of life science.

Leveraging core Fujifilm scientific competencies

FUJIFILM Cellular Dynamics Inc.’s core and patented technologies include cell reprogramming, genetic engineering, and cell differentiation resulting in over 15 iPSC-derived cell types, and thousands of donor based disease lines. Fujifilm’s manufacturing core competency has been applied to cell production, resulting in fully scalable, high purity, homogenous and reproducible cellular products. Human-derived iPSCs and tissue cells provide more relevant biology and are rapidly driving the conversion from animal-based to human-based models. The proprietary iCell® products and MyCell®-based disease lines are enabling the “disease in a dish” revolution by providing standardized iPSC-derived cells to researchers around the world.

We serve the drug discovery, toxicity, safety pharmacology, bioengineering, basic and translational research, and release testing markets.

90 years serving the life science community

With decades of experience developing and manufacturing high quality products as a comprehensive laboratory reagent manufacturer, FUJIFILM Wako Chemicals U.S.A. Corporation focuses on the needs of forefront fields of academic research, industry and medical care.

In addition to general laboratory chemicals, we provide reagents for immunological and pathological research, genetic engineering and biochemistry, and recently, we have launched new and unique tools for neuroscience and exosome research. We strive to supply high quality, high purity reagents for your life science research.

Seeing More Matters

FUJIFILM VisualSonics is well-known for innovations in micro-ultrasound and photoacoustic technology. Since 1999, FUJIFILM VisualSonics has allowed researchers to visualize the nature of a disease like never before, offering a robust suite of imaging systems, accessories, and software.

Our micro-ultrasound technology (Vevo® F2 operates at much higher frequencies than those commonly found in most conventional ultrasound systems – up to 70 MHz and is ideal for acquiring high-resolution images in small animals. Our aim is to empower the researcher to really understanding the underlying mechanisms of conditions such as cancer, diabetes, cardiovascular, immunological and neurodegenerative diseases.

Our photoacoustic system (Vevo® F2 LAZR-X) combines optical imaging and ultrasound in the same platform to provide anatomical, functional and molecular imaging data.

With product offerings across both preclinical and clinical research spaces, FUJIFILM VisualSonics is a world leader in research ultrasound and photoacoustics.

Automating complex systems

FUJIFILM Wako Automation is specialized in designing automated systems using our proprietary automated laboratory scheduling software called Director™. Focused on realizing our customer’s vision, we utilize our experience and engineering expertise to develop and implement automated systems that are reliable, customizable, and robust.

Our product portfolio consists of our scheduling software called Director, a proprietary automated workcell called SmartCel, custom automation systems, specialized lids that minimize edge effects, automated incubators, and a confocal HCS imaging system. We also offer consulting services to assist you in using image analysis software.



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