iCell Blood-Brain Barrier Isogenic Kit
Leveraging iPSCs and specialized media to support central nervous system research.
Contract Development and Manufacturing
Contract development and manufacturing services for recombinant proteins, viral vaccines, and gene therapies.
Cell Culture Media
Advanced cell culture media solutions for research, biopharmaceuticals, cell therapies and reproductive medicine.
Research Tools
Broad selection of laboratory reagents, tools and services for life science R&D.
Investigational Drug Development
Leveraging decades of chemistry expertise to develop new drugs.
Drug Delivery Solutions
Alternative methods and formulations to deliver treatments to patients.
Cell Therapy Development
Advancing the field of cell-based therapies to fulfill unmet medical needs.
Quality Control Testing Solutions
Bacterial endotoxin detection solution for quality control of drug production lines, medical devices, and food and water products.
Advancing Science
Our contribution to academic research efforts.
Never Stop - Corporate Brand Portal
Our corporate philosophy and commitment to achieve continuous growth and innovation.

Fujifilm Life Sciences

Fujifilm Life Sciences offerings support and accelerate the discovery, development, manufacturing and commercialization of new therapies. We are committed to drive transformative life science breakthroughs to bring new treatment options to the market.

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Advancing Science

Fujifilm is committed to supporting the educational and research efforts of scientists striving to make significant breakthroughs in life sciences. To further accelerate innovation in the scientific community, Fujifilm has launched several partnership programs with academic institutions.

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